You Are The “Navy Seals” of Debate

(This was posted on Facebook, to honor the honest group of friends I have on Facebook.)

The readers here are special, you’ve endured the most unique rules of perhaps any wall on Facebook.

You have willfully chosen to read and participate in fact-based debate, which I moderated to make as much like a “peoples’ court” as possible, to see if facts and truth loving people naturally manifest convergent debate.  They do.

You are unique individuals that are attracted to simple direct reasoning and are able to discern facts of importance from facts of distraction.

You understand tactical stupidity is employed by deceptive debaters.

By sharing in the rigorous thought process, you affirm the consistency and sanity of yourself and everyone else here.

You are Socratic in your thinking, just and fair minded.  By complete surprise, the rules attracted these biased demographics:  nearly all of you are Christian, all are conservative.

I am humbly honored to be friends with all of you.

The wall affirms if you set your conversational manners high, you will be in the company of highly authentic people.

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