When Did The Truth Became Offensive?

I recall these coincidental changes in public discussion of truth:

  • In 2009 after Obama’s election, I noticed the mainstream media news suddenly began going dark on information that matters.
  • At the same time, I started posting important news items of Facebook – news that mattered.
  • My focus on factual news reporting and debate became offensive to all my liberal friends, while most conservatives tuned in more.
  • My liberal friends began abandoning me, and reversed their prior 8 years behavior:  They changed from insisting on talking very angry, falsely founded “politics” while “W” was president – into demanding all “political” discussion – talk they didn’t agree with, of course – must be stopped.
  • Now religion and politics are off limits in social situations with liberals.
  • I began seeing blacks say I could not argue for “black” policies because I was not black, most – not all – black leaders became openly and doubly racist, as did their leaders. A white man was incabable of understanding them or being their ally, in their racist view.
  • In 2013, I predicted a new Jim Crow era – for Christians – in the synopsis for “Atlas Shouts”.
  • In 2016, Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee cited DOJ Chief Lynch as re-implementing Jim Crow era policies, and a recent headline on Drudge was “Christian Conservatives Under Siege”


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