What Happened To The Banks


Bankers are well aware the bank executives are massively beholden to politicians, since they got $400 billion of TARP money, far more than they donate to politicians. And they were delayed prosecution of the trillions of dollars of crime identified in the FCIC report 2010.

They were asked something like this: “Jail time? Or huge bonuses for carrying out political wealth and population redistribution?”

“I’ll choose option two.”

They are not really banks any more, they socialist redistribution and socialist relocation operatives. Section 8 housing money continues to fund them. Loan rules heavily favor democrat voters. Minority hiring rules dominate their payroll.

Obama is moving people around just like Pol Pot did in Cambobia. More than any politician in world history. And the banks are helping fund and coordinate the effort in a huge way.

This is what Obama does when no one is watching. This is why he has so few cabinet meetings, his most ardent efforts are focused on the unseen and the hidden.


John D. Lofgren of the JuntoClub:  www.atlasShouts.com

Author of “Atlas Shouts”  the #2 rated money book on Amazon:


Atlas Shouts, The Movie:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrPgka9SBJ4

Interviews: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tim-tapp/2015/11/15/atlas-shouts-but-is-anyone-listening



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