The Next Three Months, What To Expect


  • Success of Black Lives Matter and “White Girl Bleed A Lot” cover-up of black mob crime problem created a permanent “Palestinian” activist group for the democrats. Violence and intimidation will spike, now all the media which was covering up before, will highlight every black mob event.
  • Huge illegal immigration rush at the borders.
  • Markets crash – because of the threat of regulatory sanity returning, and the threat of reduced money printing and increased new import taxes. In a sustained recession credit contraction is the only way out, so the elimination of the unpayable-credit-based economy restores intrinsic, not fake, activity.
  • Obama will reduce federal spending in the next few months, guaranteeing a GDP drop as the last 4 presidential party changes exhibited.
  • The media will blame the “threat of Trump’s radical policies” for the market crash.  The Obama era will be proclaimed “normal economic practices”, Trump’s traditional, widely practiced (in other countries and in the past) policies will be proclaimed radical experiments, especially if they are “best practices’ which always reduce the power of the socialists.
  • Medical stocks crash especially hard, as the gravy train of Obamacare, which addled them with printed money and profits, would be expected to come to an end.
  • Watch to see if Trump returns to discussing sound money, instead of fiat. It will slow the economy more, but will be the most healthy option.  If he does not, we linger in the old FED-based fake debt machine, an easy “socialism lever”which subjugates private commerce.
  • All the bad news of the federal benefits program fiscal insolvency suddenly becomes obvious panic-inducing problems in the media.
  • All our liberal friends who were saying “don’t talk politics” will want to start talking politics again.
  • Some leftist media will try to recover their reputation, apologize, but begin the same behavior. All leftist promises should be considered fake.

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