The Double Deception of Untaxed Benefits

Realize the damage of untaxed benefits versus taxed benefits:

  • Untaxed federal benefit:  The benefits are distributed with little complaint from the taxpayers not getting the benefits, because they don’t get burdened, and small amounts of “benefits” are steered toward taxpayers by corrupt politicians in order to keep them passive.  These unpayed-for benefits guarantee inflation because they are based on printed money – unbacked, fraudulent credit – then the inflation is easily hidden from the taxpayers by creating a fake inflation claim from the federal gov’t.
  • Taxed federal benefits: The taxpayers are burdened with every dollar of new benefit, and thus begin to complain and investigate where the benefits are going, thus throttling excessive and uneffective benefits.To implement taxed benefits, the US must return ALL benefits programs to the state level where they worked successfully for 150 years without creating debt, and with fantastic wealth creation and middle class creation and the history’s lowest poverty results.

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