The Age of Mass Lying – Socialism’s End Game

It’s really this bad, folks: In ten years of debate, estimated 10 debates a week, 50 weeks a year – 5000 debates – I could not find one single liberal that would argue honestly.  Thanks to Hillary and Bernie and McConnell, I believe I see people realizing just how big a group of liars the democrats – and many republicans who won’t speak against them – have  become.

  • 4 of the liberals I debated include extremely high IQ brilliant engineers I had worked with, none of whom will speak with me any more as I simply tried to get them to acknowledge the abundance of data that proves the nations’ money policy and mass media is now corrupted using historically proven tactics exactly like Hitler employed, and even Keynes impugned.
  • Zero liberals exhibited any energy or dialogue to discuss national debt repayment, so none of them will ever vote to repay it as long as they are profiting from it.  Which they are.

All liberals I have ever debated willfully and obviously exhibited either brazen lying or obvious tactical evasion of truth – the most damaging form of prevarication according to MLK – when I engaged them in policy discussion.  I discovered their evasion behavior using interrogation tactics I learned years before I discovered this MLK quote:

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.“- Martin Luther King, Jr.

The finding was so alarming, I devoted 3 chapters of Atlas Shouts to the pattern.

About 20% of proclaimed Republicans exhibited the same behavior.

The Money System End Game

None of the liberals plan on repaying the national debt or electing someone that will repay it. So our money system – if influenced by them, will never be stable or predictable, except in two deadly aspects:

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