Which Protest Will The Liberal Go To?

The liberal is perplexed, which protest should he attend? :

  • Does he go to the pro-abortion protest against the intolerant Christians?
  • Does he go to the “Christians Don’t Tolerate Transgenders In Their Bathrooms” protest ?
  • Does he go to the “Christians Hate Gay Boy Scouts” protest because Christians don’t want gays in their Boy Scout troops?
  • Does he go to the protest of the sexual assaults by Muslims on 35 women at a rock concert?


Liquidity Trap: We’re In It – By Design


“If the attack is going exceedingly well, it’s an ambush.”

Educate thyself: Here how the shrinking interest rates allowed huge quantities of money to be borrowed the last 40 years, with very low interest payments. The devil gets his due in hideous burdens when the interest rates rise, hence the term “liquidity trap”: Falling interest rates are a trap, an economic ambush:


I wrote that article a couple of years ago.

Truth Blockers – Our Biggest Enemy

The most popular form of truth-blocking I see in today’s society is to re-label the truth as hate, so I wrote this second person defense in hopes it is a) accurate, and b) clearly constructive.

“Someone may read John as angry, but far more people read him as extremely factual and encouraging of factual dissent. His writing is heavily factual, and facts anger people whose beliefs are exposed as destructive by the facts. He proved this in his research, it’s not an opinion. We see it every day on the news: leftists proclaim anyone against their policies is “angry” or “hate driven”.

He has very honest and largely devout Christian followers – an unintended, unsought, and surprising finding – something really good has to be in his writing, too.

He doesn’t attract haters, he attracts thinkers, fact mongers, truth seekers.

He explicitly exalts those who expose an error in his conclusions or source facts.

He does not allow violence to be spoken, nor unsupported criticism of any group – challenge him on it yourself if you feel otherwise, he’s encourages everyone to challenge him frequently – with facts, not opinion.”

He’s Doing The Math

“Trump talks so simple-minded, is that all we have?”

Believe it or not, most of America is that simple, and if you talk complicated like you and I would enjoy, the less complicated folks will imagine him aloof and incapable of communicating with the average person – who can forget what they did to the nice guy Romney?

All good behaviors have a downside and an upside.

He keeps is simple because all the bluster is just worthless. I’ve seen 40 years of political speeches from both parties that mean nothing. Watch his Tuesday night speech on foreign policy, I hear that is much better. This one is good also:

Trump Presser – Donald Trump South Carolina Press Conference…

The media’s main role is to make him look as boring and pathetic as possible. He best moments are not on mass media. You have to have immense charisma to be a successful private businessman. We should honor the successful private business man, despite their quirks. Politicians talk slick for a reason, and know the last 40 years have been 2 increasingly corrupt parties leading us into fascism.

I urge everyone to stop listening and start reading, Trump’s policies are profoundly correct in many cases.

He’s doing the math.

Speeches are the worst way to measure a man’s value, based on the last 40 years of increasingly leftist, economically deceptive, Presidents from both parties.

I wrote this:

Smoot-Hawley: A Victim of Socialist Economic Propaganda

Bribe Ratio Exposes Who Is Coerced the Most

Tired of hearing a liberal tell you those darn politicians have been bribed by industry again – as if they really expected something different?

Try getting them to discuss the bribes from the politicians.  Watch them go quiet when much larger, more disturbing sums of money are shown to move from their lying leaders hands, into the hands of industry.

They all go stone silent.

“If one group of people were donating $1000 to a candidate, but getting a $1 million back in business or bonus revenue, who is being bribed?  The group giving the largest bribe is getting the largest favors of course. ”

  • Medical:Politician Bribe Ratio: 4000:1
  • Banker:Politician Bribe Ratio: 400:1
  • Citizen:Politician Bribe Ratio: 1000:1



Mass Murderer Stopped By 1 Citizen With Gun

Since I would run into a gay nightclub with my pistol to stop a mass murderer, then can I ask you gays stop voting for the creeps that are paying to import societies that execute gays in public squares?

“A man with a concealed carry license stopped a shooter after the latter opened fire on a crowd of people at a nightclub in South Carolina early Sunday morning, according to WISTV.com.


Truth Should Be Exalted

The importance of “Truth” is repeatedly mentioned in Western history: Socrates told us how to find it, and it’s mentioned over 100 times in the Bible.

Truth is critical for all healthy public discussion. To engage in public dialogue over rumors, hearsay, fabrications and knowingly false claims, is to promote such behavior and endorse it.   It’s unhealthy.

Here are professional and civic meetings that have exhibited consistent exposure of truth:

  • Ben Franklin’s Junto Club – he banned opinion in 1727.
  • Socrates – advocated fact based inquiry, not opinion.  First documented gracious inquiry into conflicts is critical practice.   The most truthful narrative exhibits the least conflicts with reality.
  • Courtroom trials require all facts, called evidence, before the concluding opinions.   The judge does not issue his opinion first.
  • Doctors gather facts before they issue an opinion on sickness.
  • Engineers gather facts before they determine what is wrong with a system.
  • The Constitutional Convention is largely free of opinion-based arguments, they all made their points with examples and deep thoughts on human nature and sober observations on group misbehavior: avarice.
  • The Bible discourages debate about opinions.

Republicans’ Inexplicably Poor Justice Choices

Please stop the “Republican appoint great SCOTUS justices.  They are better than the Democrats, but hardly acceptable.

Two of the Reagan Supreme Court Justices were not constructionists at all, Kennedy nor O’Conner.   Scalia was great, that’s it.  Reagan scores a 33.

Bush Sr?   Souter?  Failure.   Thomas?  home run.   Score – 50%.

W?   Roberts?  Failure.    Alito?  Failure.    0%.

Mainstream Republican candidates are terrible at appointing justices.   50% constitutional, at best.

Dodd Frank Re-Structured Government

“The law that set up America’s banking system in 1864 ran to 29 pages; the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 went to 32 pages; the Banking Act that transformed American finance after the Wall Street Crash, commonly known as the Glass-Steagall act, spread out to 37 pages. Dodd-Frank is 848 pages long.

The scope and structure of Dodd-Frank are fundamentally different to those of its precursor laws, notes Jonathan Macey of Yale Law School: “Laws classically provide people with rules. Dodd-Frank is not directed at people. It is an outline directed at bureaucrats and it instructs them to make still more regulations and to create more bureaucracies.””