Not Your Father’s Democrat Party: Lynch Mobs Again

Not Your Father’s Democrat Party

This is not your father’s Democrat party, this is Obama’s Democrat Party.  Hillary’s Democratic Party.   Holder’s Democratic Party.

Now they use your tax money–millions of dollars–to pay for “community organizers” to battle crime infested cities so they can “reduce” tensions between racial minorities and police. The result? An alarming increase in residents rioting, looting and burning businesses down.  And now, we’ve got “Lynch” mobs.  Again.  And then the government spends more tax money to fund the “victims” of looting to rebuild the businesses.  It’s the socialists’ idea of a “business cycle”:  Burn. Loot. Rebuild.  Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Sharpton.  Holder.  Obama. And now Lynch.

Democrats Organizing “Lynch” Mobs – Again

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