Democrats’ Lie About Hate Exposed

Two observations of concern:

  1. Democrats have been telling the left Christians hate gays if we simply oppose a policy they advocate – gay marriage.
  2. Democrats have been telling the left they should not fear Islam, despite the widespread practice of gay execution in many Muslim countries, and Imam’s openly admitting moderate Muslims believe in executing gays.

To lie about a non-threat, and hide a real threat, is to completely lie about real intentions.

Liberal forums are not even talking about Islam being hateful toward gays anywhere I can find. Only Christians.

Gays are going to get thrown under the bus by the Democrats, just like Hitler abused gays after coming to power. I called out this obvious conflicted behavior over 2 years ago. Now it’s real.

It’s already happening in England – gay clubs are closing all over London due to Muslim thugs attacking patrons. No outcry from England’s left.

Indeed, the Christian do not hate gays, and we never did. Christians are the hated ones.  Lawsuits, racists, homophobics, backward.

Now we can clearly see gays are the tools of political activists, pawns, a sacrifice to aggrandize power by convincing them Christians hated gays with provably-false evidence, while their “gay-comfy” leaders snuck in a million religious opposites that truly do impugn gays openly in their sermons, and hang them in their home countries.

The truth must ring out like a bell if we are to have any chance at returning to equal rights, instead of prefixed-rights.

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