Black Leaders Say Black Lives Matter Is A Lie

Take a look at all these honest black leaders saying Black Lives Matter is a lie-based movement.

Larry Elder

“Demonstrable Lies Fuel Anti-Cop Movement”

Sheriff David Clarke, Milwaukee

“Barack Obama Started This War On Police.  I am too pissed off tonight to be diplomatic with what’s going on and I’m not going to stick my head in the sand about it.”

Sheriff Greg Allen, El Paso

“Black Lives Matter, as far as I am concerned, is a radical hate group.”

Walter Williams

“One of the true tragedies is that black politicians, preachers and civil rights advocates give massive support to criminals such as Brown, Garner and Scott. “

Thomas Sowell

“Chief among those who generate this poisonous atmosphere are career race hustlers like Al Sharpton and racist institutions like the “Black Lives Matter” movement. All such demagogues need is a situation where there has been a confrontation where someone was white and someone else was black. The facts don’t matter to them.”

Alfonzo Rachel

“But BLM are just becoming an intimidation arm of the democrat party the same as the KKK were, and they are sold out for socialism the same as the Nazis.”

Mychal Massie

“Obama foments racial unrest and a racial divide to further his neo-Leninist agenda. Sharpton foments racial unrest for personal gain. The New Black Panther Party foments racial hostilities and the demonization of whites in the foolish belief they can bring about a Western version of apartheid where blacks rule.“

Jonathan Gentry

“all we know how to do is march and loot…….what you NEED to hear instead of what you want to hear…….blame police and white folks…….LETS CHANGE US BLACK PEOPLE…….how our kids supposed to grow up if we out here acting STUPID…….we have toiled the mountain long enough…….civil rights activists came out of nowhere, we gonna want justice”

“shut up”

“black panthers naacp come out the woodwork …. 47 drive by’s in one weekend……. where were YOU…….debunk that myth as far as being young and black and mistreated…….many encounters with the police and I became GOOD FRIENDS with them”



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